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Daily Scripture by Peace Be With U Ministries

Here is what just a few of our Daily Readers are saying about the Daily Encouraging Word:

  • You are a Light in this Dark World… A very very Bright Light…A Light of the Love of Jesus..
  • I love this site. It helps me get through my day with so much inspiration.
  • Thanks you for these daily affirmations. The word is wonderful, everyday.
  • In my life as it is This message was sent at the perfect time Thank you. You’ve give me hope.
  • Thank you for this beautiful word. I am so blessed. I’m going through some personal health issue and all I’m doing is trusting the Lord for healing. Thank you!
  • Thank you so much for the beautiful words of God, they deliver such strength and happiness to my day!! God bless you!!
  • Thank you for the daily encouraging Word, today’s was awesome!
  • I just wanna thank you very much for this daily encouraging word.
  • Hi i just wanted to say thank you for making this program. I needed something like that in my life. I am looking forward to it everyday thank you very much for your help and support.
  • God bless this ministry, I love the daily verses of Scripture.
  • Good morning, God bless I’d like to say thank you so much to the angel that have been sending me these encouraging words. These days have been much different from the others! Not only it’s encouraging me to stay positive, it’s also working miraculously inside and out. I love God and it’s amazing how amazing he is. I look forward each day for a better day now! because I know you my angel will never let me fall. God bless you and peace be with you.
  • Thanks I really needed this. You make a big difference in lives!

It is truly an honor and privilege for us to share these daily blessings with everyone and we give God all the glory for the amazing results. Lives are being transformed the matchless name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and we would love to share the Daily Encouraging Word with you too! :)

43 Responses to Daily Devotional

  1. Ed M says:

    Even as a pastor I have enjoyed reading your morning devotions as part of my morning time with our Lord. For the most part I enjoy your perspective and stories. But I’m having a REAL problem with your devotion this morning (1/31/13). I have known and buried many people who died before the time. I get the Psalmists assurance that God has numbered our days for us before any of them existed, but there is a huge difference between foreknowledge and causality. Faith does not make us “idiot proof”. The way you’ve worded this one seems to tell people to go ahead and live a risky lifestyle because God will protect us in our stupidity. I’m guessing you, too, know that’s not true. Sometimes God let’s us bear the consequence of our or other’s recklessness and sin. But I do thank you for my morning “gift”.

  2. Thank you Jesus for this web site! It teaches me your word in a way I can understand. To every one who helps put this site together your truly a blessing. It has brought me comfort in my darkest moments. It brings me comfort knowing people care and want to get the the holy word out to everyone. It’s a blessing to have this site. May the peace of The Lord be with each and everyone of you for taking your time to do this for everyone. God bless you all❤!
    Thank you, Cynthia

  3. Mele says:

    Your daily word is so blessed for me and all I am doing is trusting the Almighty God for healing and I shall be healed;save me and I shall be saved,for He is my praise.

    Please keep sending me your daily devotional word.

  4. I read the daily word everyday! I am so thankful for
    This email I love the Lord with all my heart & have chronic. Silliness I love your stories so much! I used to teach young people about the Lord! You have s beautiful. Way with words & your stories truly touch my heart! Please keep writing! Your stories give me hope! God Bless You!

  5. Joey Brown says:

    Why have I not been receiving the pbwy daily encouragement email?

    • Hello Joey, I’m sorry about any issues with your Daily Encouraging Word. According to our records, it is being sent to you every day. You may need to check your spam folder. Additionally, we have been having issues with Yahoo, who is limiting the amount of e-mails that can go out each day, so it may be “bottlenecked” in the mail queue. I believe Gmail works well, so that may be an option. Finally, the archives are on this page, in case you want to catch up :) : http://www.pbwu.org/w/p/category/daily-encouraging-word/

  6. Every one who walks the path with our Lord Jesus Christ has the unconditional Love and support that we all need. We are not alone when we focus on our Heavenly Father Amen.

  7. Thomas says:

    I love this site it makes my day to read the word of God evry morning.

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement, Thomas! It means so much to us to hear feedback from our readers :) !

      • Krisha says:

        I love the word I get from yall every . And I very much want to start buying from yalls store. to show my appreciation . I love the Lord’s word and truly have been so financially not able to. but praying that will get better so i can . Shop your store & help spread his word & help keep yall going . God Bless all yall do. Thank you that daily word you send truly keeps me grounded.

        • Thank you so much, Krisha, and we’re so glad that you’ve been blessed by the Daily Word. I pray that the Lord give you the provision you need, whether or not you can financially help us :) . We would appreciate your prayers for our ministry, though, as there are a lot of changes happening and we could use all the covering we can get!

  8. Debra Dodd says:

    Thank you, so much!!

  9. It give Mr life and drown me near to God with out reading it
    I am empty person, so I thank to God for meeting me peace be with you.

  10. Larry says:

    I have not received the daily devotional since August 17th.

    • Hello there! We’re so sorry, but have been having some issues with Hotmail and MSN.com e-mail addresses. We are trying to resolve it with the MSN people, but are running into roadblocks. If you would like to start getting the devotionals again immediately, you may need to sign up with a different e-mail address, like Gmail. Again, please accept our apologies and God bless!

  11. Dawn McDonald-Evans says:

    Im looking forward to daily peace devotional prayers in my life. I know thst I aill cind it as fulfilling as I am hoping it to be. Thanku and peace b with u today also.

  12. Cynthia Pomfret says:

    I have not been receiving mmy daily peace be with you ministry. May have accidentally unsubscribed, cannot get it back. Please help. I love the daily scriptures.

  13. Gustavo says:

    I want the daily devotional please

  14. carol mckie says:

    Thank u very much for encouagement this morning and pray u can sent one every day

  15. Amanda Gonzales says:

    Today is my first day of receiving Encouraging Word of the Day. Thank you so very much. May God Bless Each and Everyone of You. :-)

  16. vera Alex says:

    I have not receive a daily word yet. What’s wrong ? I’ve sent my info. It says :IM SUBSCRIBE 2 DEVOTIONAL PLAN.

  17. Lord lead me the way to help lost soul. Amen

  18. ann says:

    Thanks you god for. Watching over me .and for the Dailey def.i love the lord today.thats the only way I can make it

  19. Michele Pepe says:

    I am not receiving my daily readings anymore.. I tried to subscribe again and it won’t allow me.. Please correct this .. Thank you!!

  20. I thank God for leading me to your website and for enabling me to come across you web contacts,Daily scripture it gives me faith and believe in myself.
    Continue to sending to me more Spiritual Messages from Godly inspired brothers and Sisters.Thank you for this and also encourages me never give up hope and believe in our Heavenly Father.

  21. vaine says:

    Hi I love this Daily scripture it gives me faith and believe in myself. Thank you for this and also encourages me never give up hope and believe in our Heavenly Father.

  22. Lisa Scales says:

    Have not recieved daily encouragement since may eighth.

  23. Regina Lucero says:

    I would like daily words

  24. Helen Murray says:

    My day doesn’t truly begin until I read what the Lord has to say to me through His Word

  25. Kelley Stanfield says:

    I am requesting for the Daily devotional and it says an error occurred and won’t sllow this action, please process my request I would appreciate your help in this matter.

    Thank You
    Kelley Stanfield

  26. Linda Jouppe says:

    I would like the daily word

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